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Data Lovers

We are code hackers, pixel stylists and obviously data lovers.
We all work together from Italy to build products you'll love.

Michele Barbera

Chief Executive Officer

Michele has more than a decade of experience in building visionary ICT products. He's a pioneer of Open and Linked Data. Prior to SpazioDati Michele founded 3 internet startups and coordinated several large scale international research projects.

Gabriele Antonelli


Gabriele has a background in Innovation Management with a Master at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. He has more than a decade of experience in Management Consulting for small and large companies, with a focus on startups.

Luca Pieraccini

Chief Financial Officer

Luca is a successful and experienced entrepreneur, with more than 15 years of experience in ICT, including data intensive applications in environment monitoring and Cultural Heritage. He funded 2 startups.

Davide Setti

Chief Technology Officer

Obsessed with scalable architectures and skilled in meeting impossibly tight deadlines, Davide leads SpazioDati's engineering team. When not thinking about how to scale out or testing the next technology, he plays with his two adorable children.

Stefano Parmesan

Backend Developer & Data scientist

When not learning how to optimize his strategy at a board game he hasn't even played yet, Stefano is probably optimizing a distributed graph query system, coding a 0.00001msec faster library in PyPy, or playing the trumpet.

Mattia Larentis

Frontend Developer

By looking at his 80s spiky hairstyle you'd never guess it, but Mattia is a real pixel artist. Colors and shapes are his passion. He keeps telling us that CSS3 is Turing complete and one day he'll code an OS with it.

Matteo Brunati

Community Manager

Matteo is a pioneer of the Open Data movement in Italy and Europe, he's passionate about the social and innovation aspects of Linked Data and the Semantic Web. Matteo also loves building crazy structures with LEGO bricks.

Paolo Puleio

Business Developer

Thanks to many years spent working in the field of corporate business intelligence, Paolo has a deep knowledge of the data business and its dynamics. When he's not dealing with data, you can probably spot him zigzagging through Milan's traffic with his scooter.

Ugo Scaiella

Backend Developer & Data scientist

Squeezing billion-scale sparse matrices into memory is just a hobby, Ugo’s main gift is coding amazingly elegant and simple algorithms to solve complex IR and text mining problems. Not to mention his skills in tidying his lovely children’s room, an NP-complete problem.

Andrea Detassis


Joining SpazioDati Andrea took a journey that started in baremetal-land and took him on a cloud. Scared by the huge amount of data surrounding him, he tries to fight back with one-liner spells and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Tatiana Tarasova

Data Manager

Alternating studies in Computer Science with work in ICT, Tatiana joined SpazioDati after researching the problem of data integration with Semantic Web technologies. She believes ontologies will save the world from messy data! She looks for inspiration while painting or practicing Shavasana.

Martino Pizzol

UI Developer

Martino always brings joy to the team with his contagious smile and beautifully crafted JS code. He thinks the user always comes first: Martino loves U!

Pietro Masera

Board Member

Pietro is head for Corporate Development, M&A and Investor Relations at Cerved; Previously he spent almost two decades in banking and finance at UBS, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, and CVC Capital Partners.

Marco Nespolo

Board Member

Marco is Chief Operating Officer and Board Member at Cerved, after having spent over 8 years in Private Equity at Bain Capital and, prior to that, 8 years in consulting at Bain & Company.

Giuliano Mega

Backend Developer & Data scientist

Giuliano comes from sunny Brazil and before joining us he got a PhD in distributed computing. When dealing with data his surname doesn’t do him justice, he’s more in the scale of Terabytes! He loves Opera, but you’ll only hear his tenor voice singing if your code is O(log n).

Nicola Sambin


Nicola spent his PhD across Europe dealing with tame and wild quivers. He is willing to apply his knowledge of symmetric structures and algebra to big data analysis.


Senior Frontend Developer

Developing for the web since before css and rollover effects, Simone loves to build fast, robust, efficient and beautiful applications perfecting them down pixel by pixel. He's not as meticulous when dealing with his beard.

Roberto Santoro

Backend Developer & Data Scientist

Naturally inclined to problem solving, Roberto breathes algorithms and has a knack for making sense of data. Fond of Eastern culture, he practices tai chi and plays the beautiful game of go, and when inspired he experiments with veg cooking.

Andrey Bratus

Backend Developer

Andrey started working BigData problems during his Master thesis where he worked on distributed data transformation and cleansing. He is passionate about scaling distributed architectures. Got a problem? Give it to Andrey and he will represent it as a MapReduce job.

Nikolay Vasiliev

Backend Developer

Nikolay is from Saint-Petersburg, beautiful northern capital of Russia. After doing his Master's Degree in field of static analysis, he spent several years testing distributed systems at Yandex. Nikolay's passion is extraction of semantic information from text in human language. In his spare time he grows Trend Detector for Russian Twitter.

Javier Paniagua

Backend Developer

Javier did his PhD in automatic classification of personal media, from which he learned that if an image is worth a thousand words, image metadata is worth a million. He is a coder at heart and, according to him, all languages will converge to Ruby, eventually.

Kenny Bergamo

Inside Sales Representative

Kenny has a master’s degree in Marketing and thanks to the winning of the D2t Start Cup in 2012 with the team Abete, he attended an Executive MBA in Bologna. He now focuses his curiosity in Digital Sales and Marketing, with which seeks new solutions to develop the market of Atoka. He loves technology, design and sport, especially Crossfit, which he’s really addicted to!

Marianna Stefenelli

Inside Sales Representative

With a background in International Management, Marianna has a deep knowledge of web marketing practices and is passionate about startups connected with digital innovation. Proud ambassador of the new Atoka product, she works in sales but she’s definitely a big shopaholic!

Giacomo Berardi

Backend Developer & Data Scientist

Giacomo obtained a Ph.D. in Information Engineering, during a research fellowship at the ISTI-CNR of Pisa, focusing mainly on text mining and information retrieval. When he is not in front of a monitor he is probably far away from the city, trying to get lost on some mountain.

Chiara Ferrucci

Chief Administrative Officer

Chiara has a long time experience in controlling and accounting. She worked in Italy, Germany and France in large international companies . Her main focus and passion is implementing and restructuring financial accounting & controlling systems. She loves cinema, literature and making numbers match.

Alessio Guerrieri

Data scientist

Alessio received a PhD in Large-Scale Graph Analysis and now wants to build graphs out of everything; luckily, SpazioDati are enabling his addiction with huge quantities of new data to study. He loves Dragons, Spaceships, Robots and Basketball, but still has to find a perfect combination of all four.

Daniela Scardi

Data scientist

Daniela has a master's degree in Nanophotonics, and she thinks lasers can solve almost any problem. She believes robots will eventually take over the world, and data scientists will be the only ones able to communicate with them. She loves tech gear, MOBAs, memes and the color pink; she doesn't like badly conjugated verbs and people who don't laugh at her jokes.

Réka Marincsák

Digital Marketing Specialist

Reka is a digital marketing specialist with a background in startups and a branding agency. She is a truly international person after having lived and worked in Almerìa, Barcelona or Budapest, thanks to this she is also passionate about travel, photography and innovation.

Michele Pittoni


After running all across Europe, Michele came back to Trento and joined SpazioDati to improve his DevOps skills and help scale the data services you love and use. He loves exploring complex systems and looking at the world from the top of some mountain.

Alessandro Ligabò

Large Client Manager

Alessandro proudly defines himself as a business nerd with his hectic experiences in management consulting, attempts to launch startups, and financing some others too. When not thinking about the next big thing, he still likes to play volleyball and videogames.

Matteo Franchi

Data scientist

Matteo has a Physics background, with a PhD in analytical techniques for chaotic time series. He is always eager to engage in new challenges, especially about big data, predictive analysis and machine learning. He pretty much likes to achieve order from chaos, especially the one his little son creates every minute, and to get the bigger slice of cake just out of the oven.

Stella Margonar

Backend Developer

After a couple of years working in research, Stella landed in Spaziodati where she takes care of the Atoka API: she loves TDD, sports (everything is better when you ride a bike!), and will find the answer to all your problems with an ElasticSearch query. She's also brave enough to release on Fridays ;)

PhD Candidates

Cristian Consonni

Data Scientist & Wikipedia Geek

Cristian is a PhD student in computer science at the University of Trento. He received his MSc in computational physics from the University of Milano-Bicocca. He is a Wikipedian since 2007 and a member of Wikimedia Italia. He is interested in all forms of free knowledge and has been working at the Digital Commons Lab of Fondazione Bruno Kessler studying Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and Open Data initiatives in general.